About Top Road Tourers

The site prior to Sandy buying it.

As retailers of Adria Caravans, Top Road Tourers near Carnoustie have the longest continuous record in the UK. Top Road's proprietor, Sandy Middleton, and his staff are dedicated to the Adria brand, and are very well thought of at Adria's headquarters.

When Sandy set up Top Road Tourers in 1983, his concept was to provide a very personal service to his customers. His chosen site was in a prominent position on the main A92 Dundee to Arbroath road at the Halfway Garage. In search of a caravan agency, Sandy toured the industry and selected Crown Caravans, whose lightness and high quality of build were the best available at the time. Their attention to detail on the production line was also impressive.

An aerial view with the old road layout.

Sales took off and in 1984 the Adria marque was added. As caravans became more than a 'box on wheels' it became obvious that the customer required instruction on how to run the equipment, and Top Road's comprehensive handover was introduced. Early in 1986 Pat Thornton joined the company on a part-time basis to look after the books and the company's continued expansion, and Pat's enthusiasm has led to her becoming more involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

Caravans have since become even more sophisticated, and maintenance and repairs led to the erection in 1995 of the 'hangar' which acts as a workshop, offices, shop and display area.

An aerial view with the new road layout.

Coincident with the building of the hangar, Sterling invited Top Road to become a dealer and this was run alongside Adria. Celebrating its golden anniversary in 2015, Adria is now Top Road's primary marque, and with its line-up of award-winning quality caravans it is now one of Europe's biggest and best manufacturers.

When it came to selling awnings, it became obvious that customers often experienced problems in sorting out the confusing number of poles that came with them - so Top Road Tourers introduced lessons on how to erect an awning as part of their service. Sales of awnings multiplied, and customers came from all over the country to avail themselves of this service.

Sandy and Pat signing a commemorative caravan celebrating Adria's 50th birthday

Top Road Tourers offer all their customers the opportunity to have their awning fitted,and they are now one of the biggest awning suppliers north of Manchester, selling both new and used awnings. Since the early 2000s, Top Road have been agents for Dorema and Isabella, and they are now agents for Vango Airbeams which have been a runaway success.

Sandy and Pat signing a commemorative caravan celebrating Adria's 50th birthday

Over the years, many customer service awards have been presented to Top Road Tourers, including a Practical Caravan Owners' Satisfaction Award in 2014. Sandy and Pat were guests of Adria at the 50th anniversary celebrations in Slovenia in early May where they along with other guests signed the anniversary caravan.