Adria Adora 2021 Caravan Range

The new generation Adora just got even better. The most aerodynamic caravan now available, with distinctive Adria silhouette and extra-large in-line panoramic window and smart storage. Feel inspired and at home in the elegant interior with new kitchen,bathroom, bedroom and contemporary living spaces and contemporary living spaces. Available in 4 different layouts, sleeping up to 5 people.

Why Choose an Adora? It will change your views...

    Brings a feeling of home with elegant interiors with bigger spaces and a special home-style ambiance.
    New bedroom designs, with all formats of bed, for a great sleep.
    Featuring a new kitchen design with great storage options and includes high quality appliances.
    The new bathroom features a new sink, extra space, new lighting and plenty of storage space.

Adora Includes...

  • New exterior clean design with integrated features.
  • GFK body construction.
  • AL-KO chassis, with AKSstabiliser coupling.
  • Integrated wind diffusers, handles, awning profile, storage and lights.
  • Extra-large in-line wider panoramic window on all models.
  • New digital controller, soundsystem, Bluetooth® amplifier & USB ports.
  • All-new living and dining area, with outstanding comfort.
  • Elegant concave cupboards with more storage space.
  • Alde Heating.
  • Couple, family, teenager and child friendly layouts.
  • Lounge with comfortable seating
  • Plus Adria MACH option available.


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Adria Adora 623 DT Sava 2021

Adria Adora 623 DT Sava 2021  Caravan layout
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Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo 2021

Adria Adora 613 DT Isonzo 2021  Caravan layout
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2 Results 1 Pages